Testimonial Request Email after Product Purchase Example

Customer’s feedbacks and testimonials are very important but they don’t come on their own and therefore, you have to write testimonial requests after product purchase to your customers to know about their experiences. This is a significant thing as it helps you improve in your offerings provided you ponder over it. In this post, we … Read more

Promotion Announcement Email Format for Transferring Employee

Promotion Announcement Email for Transferring Employee

If one of your employees is getting transferred as well as getting promoted then it is certainly an announcement to make and you can do so by writing a promotion announcement email for transferring employee which will include the details about the promotion as well as the transfer. If you are not sure of how … Read more

Professional Thank you Email Template, Example, Format

Professional Thank you Email Format

Thank you may seem to be a very small and simple word but it has a great weightage and therefore, it must be used the right way. It is extremely important to write professional thank you email in a business because it can make a huge different. This post includes a thank you email example. … Read more

Customer Service Email Template for Dissatisfied Customers

Customer Service Email Format for Dissatisfied Customers

Whenever there is a complaint from the customer, you are recommended to act fast and customer service email for dissatisfied customers is something you would need in order to shoot a quick email. Such emails must have a touch of empathy and must always include the contact details, designation of the sender of the email … Read more