Complaint Email to Supplier

Complaint Email to Supplier is a sample complaint letter on a failed consignment. Formal message on the damage found an appeal for an exchange. To: [email protected] Subject: Complaint regarding the last consignment Dear Mr. Blom, This is in regards to the consignment sent by your company to us on 12th of March 2013.  As there […]

Restaurant Complaint Email

Complaint Email to a restaurant against the poor quality of food. Sample formal letters to have a look at the matter and take in charge. To: [email protected] Dear Mr. Jones I along with my friends visited your restaurant last week on the occasion of my friend’s birthday. This email is in reference to the food served […]

Service Complaint Email

Service Complaint Email is a complaint letter written against low service quality. Sample text messages to have a look at the matter and appeal for the refund. To: [email protected] Dear jessy This is in regards to the lowly quality of cleaning services offered by your company. I had made a one year contract with your […]