Sales Email Tips

It isn’t surprising at all to witness what miracle a well written Sales Email can do to your business concern. For instance, a timely reply through an email to the sender who wants to know just the name of the cargo transporter could mean you end up getting a big export order! In these days […]

Office Email Example

To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Dear all, This email is written to all the team members and other staff circle associated with Marine Company. There are some temporary changes in the office timing and this email is written to you to notify the same thing. You all are aware of the routine office timing which is […]

Goodbye email to sister

Goodbye email to sister is written with great concern explaining the love she has for the recipient.  Sample Letter mentioning the reason to have to leave the place. To: [email protected] Dear Trac, I hope you are healthy and going great with your college schedule. I wanted to inform you that I have been transfered to Canada. […]

Thank You Interview Email

To Mr. Roge HR head, City News April 6, 2013 Dear Mr. Roge, I am writing this email to thank you for considering my application for a job interview with Ms Lawson and also for personally forwarding my mail to her even though she was out of the country. It really means a lit to […]