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Dear Customers,

We at Luxury Kitchenware proudly announce the new 12-piece set of dinnerware this Christmas eve. To cheer your guests and make the Christmas merrier, you can make your dining colorful by this dinnerware set, featuring three season’s colors and designs.

This clean finished 12-piece set of dinnerware has been formed in an elegant style. There is a range of three colors available in the set at our stores with an option of purchasing it either of the plastic material or the metal one. A well defined case will be provided to you for proper and repeated use of your dinnerware. This would also serve as a great gift to your family, beloved friends and neighbors.

The product availability is limited only till this December, that too depending on the supplies. If purchased early, we have an offer 25% discount to all our loyal customers. To get this set on your dining tables, Do come and visit our store.

May you all have a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.



Sales Manger, Luxury Kitchenware.

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