Interview Email Reply

Interview Email Reply is written to reply against a request for interview. Sample text messages showing eagerness with update on the interview status. Dear Ms. Wheelims, We have received your request for the interview along with your CV and have forwarded your details to the features department of our magazine. We are sorry to say […]

Thank You Interview Email

To Mr. Roge HR head, City News April 6, 2013 Dear Mr. Roge, I am writing this email to thank you for considering my application for a job interview with Ms Lawson and also for personally forwarding my mail to her even though she was out of the country. It really means a lit to […]

Telephone Interview Email

Telephone Interview Email is a sample letter discussing acceptance of the CV. Professional sample letter to update on the status by mentioning the date of interview. Dear Ms John, I am pleased to inform you that our supervisor Mr. Charles derman was highly impressed with your results and you have cleared our final round of […]

Second interview email

Second interview email is sent to a candidate after being qualified in the first round of the interview. Professional sample letter with the interview date and other contact details. To: [email protected] Dear Mr. Sandlen, This mail is in regards to your second interview for the post of Marketing Manager, that has been scheduled by the […]

Sample Interview Email for Project Manager

Sample Interview Email is sent to a candidate after being shortlisted for Project Manager. Effective letter mentioning the interview date and other contact details required. Subject: Project Manager Interview Dear Mr. Rown, This is to confirm that you have been short-listed for the interview for the position of Project Manager in our company, which is […]