Employee Appreciation Email for Work Ethic Sample Format

Work ethics are important and just like you punish someone for not following them, you must also appreciate the one who follows them. Writing an employee appreciation email for work ethic is just another sweet gesture to be appreciative to an employee for being conscious and committed towards work ethic.

You can simply follow the employee appreciation format which can be used for creating a customized letter for this particular situation.

Appreciation Email Format for Work Ethic

Dear Mathew,

I have taken out time to especially thank you for always being so particular about ethics at work. As you are aware that at our company, we are very particular about the work ethics and you are one of the employees who has always made an extra effort to keep them in highlight.

It is highly commendable on your part that you have always been punctual and professional with our clients. Never ever it has happened that our customers have not been happy with your services and this is truly appreciative.

We are proud to have you as a part of our family.


Adam Smith


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