Product Complaint Email

Product Complaint Email is a sample complaint letter mentioning the reason of complaint against a product. Text Message with an appeal for the refund.

To: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Rishan,

It sometimes happens to us that we go out for buying some stuff and it turns out to be a bad experience which doesn’t seem to agree with us. This email is in same context to you, suggesting an awful experience which is a rare thing to happen to your brand.

I buy ABC product every now and then and have had a very pleasant experience with the product up till now but ABC has disappointed me this time. I bought ABC product with all due diligence from my nearby supermarket. I am very upset with the fact that in spite of the packaging and expiry dates being intact, the product does not stand up to the expectations. This product cannot be consumed and I have wasted all the money that I spent on this product. It is request to you to either replace the product or refund the cost within 15 days.

Your products are certified for their quality for their market standards and people who generally consume your products have had a decent experience. Awaiting your response eagerly.

Thanking You,


Ph: 409-999-6112

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