Condolence Email to Boss

Condolence Email is a sample letter written to the Boss on the death of an employee. Sample Letter mentioning his achievements and how good he was.

Mr. Anderson

Vice President- Marketing

Paramount Company Pvt. Ltd

Dear Mr. Jones,

I am very sorry to hear about Mr. Peter D’souza. It is very unpleasant and disheartening to know that he is no more with us. I am completely shocked and broken to hear this sad news. It is going to be very difficult for his friends and family and you and your wife to really accept this fact and move on with life, to accept this irreparable loss. You must be shattered with crushing blows.

I was so delighted and impressed to hear about the international conference in the honor of Mr. Peter D’souza. He was always so humble, so cheerful both personally and professionally. He had earned tremendous reputation in a very short period of time.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Pamila

Business Executive- Marketing

Paramount Company Pvt. Ltd


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