Condolence Email To Sister

Condolence Email is sent to a Sister on the death of her father- in- law. Sympathy messages mentioning how great he was and how he will be missed.

To: [email protected]

Dear Emmal,

I am deeply saddened as I came to know about the untimely death of your father- in- law, Mr. Andrew Liken. Your family must be shattered due to this incident. Please express my deepest condolence to your Husband and Mother- In- Law. Do not forget, I am with you during this difficult time. Have heart and take care of everyone there.

Mr. Liken was a great man and good human being. I was in touch with him via telephonic conversation. He always motivated me towards success and effective teachings. I respect him a lot. The death of Mr. Liken is not only your loss, but mine too. I am feeling shattered as if I have lost my own father.

If you require any help, please give me chance to serve your family.

May God Bless your & your family with courage, peace and spiritual strength to face this situation!

With the deepest sympathy,


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