Customer Satisfaction Email Template: Customer Service Example

A customer satisfaction email is an email response to the feedback, complain or question of the customer. A customer may contact the company by calling or through website and in response the company is going to know how satisfied they are by using the customer service email. These are short and simple emails which usually include a question in the email.

We have come up with a customer Satisfaction email template which you can use for creating a personalized email that fits your requirements the best.

Format for Customer Satisfaction Email

Dear Ms. Ana,

Thank you for choosing Wellness Resorts. We are always looking forward to improve our services.

And for this reason, we would like to pose you a question:

What can we do to make the check-in process easier for our guests?

Just click on the reply button and share your answer with us.

Thanking you.


Helen Watson

Marketing Manager

Wellness Resorts

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