Cute Friendship Email

Cute Friendship Email is a sample text message to a friend recalling how they had quality time together. Emotional letter stating how important is she in her life.

To: [email protected]

Dear cutest friend Sarah

Hey pal, how are you doing? Hope this email finds you in the pink of your health and hope life is going good at your end. Most of my time goes into studies and I rarely get time after that. I am writing this mail to cover up for my absence, as I wanted to express my feeling of love and friendliness that I feel for you. This email captures my deep emotions and as I write this email I have a nostalgic feeling of the beautiful journey of our friendship that we have shared and cherished since last 13 years.

Sarah, you have been the most special and caring person to me in the whole world. I always have had the best time of my life with you. My life is so incomplete without you. I would have never left our town and come so far away from you if it wasn’t about building my career. Friendship is not just about spending time together but realizing each other’s importance when they are far apart from each other. I really hope you understand this. And I have truly realized what you mean to me as a friend now that we are so far away from each other in different parts of the world.

Our friendship has seen such an amazing mixture of emotions like happiness, care, sharing secrets, laughing like crazy at the silliest jokes, and sometimes tears also. I grew older with you and I couldn’t be more fortunate to get a gift like you from God. Dearest Sarah, you are the gem of a person and I want to keep you in my life forever.


Your dear friend


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