Nice Friendship Email

Nice Friendship Email is a sample message written to express love to a friend. Nostalgic text messages about how they enjoyed in the past and how are they missed every day.

To: [email protected]

Dear friend Gregt

Subject: Expressing my love for your dear friend in a few words using this email

Friendship is the greatest gift in life. it’s sweet and sour, nice and bitter but is a relation stronger and purer than any other. Thanks for letting me experience the joy of your company by being my friend Greg. In our busy lives we tend to forget to be grateful to our lovely friends and express our love for them. So I take time out to thank you for giving me a beautiful and lovely gift of friendship.

There has been not even a single day when I didn’t feel happy in your presence ever since we have become friends. You have been a guide and have always been there for me no matter what the situation was. I still remember the times we spent together trying to study but ending up talking nonstop for hours. There is nothing that we have hidden from each other that is the reason why I call this relation so pure and magical.

I just want to tell you that I am always there for you and you can fall back upon me whenever you need to.

Thanks for everything

Your best friend


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