Goodbye Email to Girlfriend

Goodbye Email is written to the Girlfriend with great love and heavy heart. Sample Letter mentioning the reason to have to leave the place with a positive outlook.

Dear Gracie,

Hope this mail of mine finds you in best of your health. I always miss you the way you miss me whenever we are away from each other but this time it’s going to be a bit  different.

I am pleased to tell you that I have got scholarship and have been selected by the University. My educational and research programme will be sponsored by the University, in the state of Ottawa, Canada. I can very much understand how you must be feeling at this moment, but I too feel the same honey. I will be back in three weeks but I will call you daily.

I am sure that you will stay cheerful and smiling and will wait for me. I will also be waiting for my program to finish and get back to meet you. Just pray for me that the selectors find my project interesting and laud my effort.

Hope to see you very soon.

Yours loving,


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