Networking Meeting Request Email

Networking Meeting Request Email is a sample letter written to discuss the exchange of ideas through a meeting. Email mentioning the arrangement of the meeting.

To : [email protected]

Subject: Exchange of ideas on Journalism and more through mutual networking

Dear Jonathan,

I am writing this mail to build a network of journalists across the globe. If you can recollect we met each other in the National Journalists meet last month where you spoke very well about the need for networking. I was in fact very impressed by your speech and have been thinking of certain things on the lines you were mentioning.

It would be great for both of us if we could meet and exchange our ideas on journalism mutually. It would be my pleasure to get associated to you and your team members who have a great experience and are very well informed than any other person in a lot of different aspects of journalism. This would be a good way to exchange most of the current and creative ideas apart from just getting to know each other better.

I therefore request you to see when can a meeting be arranged at your and your team member’s convenience and they can be introduced to my team so that they would be more comfortable in expressing their views on current topics. I will call at your office to get the appointment and time of our meeting according to your convenience.

Looking forward to meeting you and your team.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

Henry Botham


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