Funny Office Email

Funny Office Email is sent by the Marketing, VC sharing a funny incident he experienced quite recently. Sample letter describing the entire event in an informal tone.

Mr. Tom Daniel

Vice President- Sales

Dear Tom,

There is this funny incident that happened with me today morning at my place that I would like to share with you. This incident happened between me and my Newfoundland dog. I had this habit of kicking my dog whenever I was in a bad mood or was angry due to my wife.

We earlier had Terriers and Dachshunds as our pets who understood my this habit of kicking and were now used to it. This morning I had a bad temper and was upset and out of natural instinct kicked my Newfoundland doggie who instead of understanding me took umbrage with my habit and bit me. This made me all the more angry with him and I kicked him again and he bit me again. Suddenly I realized it is just a dog and I am not going to win any competition by kicking him again and again. I learnt to control my habit to hit my dog and he stopped biting me. I found it quite funny to discuss with you.

With Regards,

Steve Atkinson

Vice President- Marketing


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