Resignation Email Example

Resignation Email Example is a sample format to mention about the resignation a Customer Support Executive. Effective letter mentioning the reason behind the resignation.

To : [email protected]

Sub: Resignation from the post of Customer Support Executive

Dear Sir,

This email is written to inform you that I am resigning from my services as a customer support executive effective from 3rd July 2012. I had to take this decision due to the severe medical crisis that I am facing at my home as my mother is not well and needs my personal attention and care at the hospital. Due to these problems I am not in a position to continue my work and I hope you understand my situation. I do not wish to take a leave for an indefinite period and hence concluded to resign from my services. I hope you and the management of our company would understand my crisis and take a considerate view of the same by helping me in the best way possible.

I am grateful to you and the management of Network Inc for providing me with this opportunity of working with the company wherein I got the chance to learn so many new things. Sir I request you to please help me with procedure for getting relieved from my services with immediate effect apart from the process to claim the monetary benefits from the company. I am sorry I won’t be able to serve for my notice period as was decided by the company in the appointment letter given to me during my employment due to my inevitable presence at the hospital.

Please let me know if I need to furnish any documents from my side.

Thanking you once again for all the support.

Yours truly,

Michael Parker

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