Resignation Email to HR

Resignation Email to HR is an email sample to inform about the resignation from Assistant Operation Officer job position. Professional letter mentioning the reason behind the resignation.

To: [email protected]

cc: [email protected]

Subject: Requesting HR for Clearing Dues Prior Resignation

Dear Sir,

According to the terms mentioned in the contract of employment, I hereby give you a notice of resignation two weeks prior with an intention to leave the position of “Assistant Operation Officer” Grade-II.

As per the rules stated by the HR department, complying with all the terms, I have already submitted the due slip along with my resignation letter. Furthermore, I wish to withdraw my provident fund and gratuity account with the company and also want these amounts to be cleared along with the dues.

I am also attaching a copy of loan receipt generated by the company on the complete repayment along with the percentage of interest that is being imposed on the principal loan amount.

I would be highly obliged if the above-mentioned actions are being taken by the HR department with urgent initiative. I would assure full-cooperation from my side as well for the entire process that is needed to be accomplished.

Yours Sincerely

Mark Robinson

Assistant Operation Officer- Grade II

CPP group

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