Resignation Party Email

Resignation Party Email is a formal party invitation upon resignation from a certain job position. Sample text messages mentioning the timings and the venue for the occasion.

Dear John,

As you must be already knowing by this time that I have resigned from my position in Marks Cold Storage Inc. and my work tenure with them would be over by the end of this month. But before I finally leave from here I just wanted to give a small party to all my colleagues and staff members with whom I have worked for such a long time.

I wanted to recollect all the memories of my stay at Marks Cold Storage Inc. And I though what can be better than throwing a cocktail party to my old buddies at work?

Keeping this in mind, I want your presence in the party. The event is slated for 4th April 2013 at the Ball Room of Hyatt Hotel. It begins at 6pm and comes to an end at 11pm.

Since this is an occasion to unwind with the old folks, there is no dress code.

You can feel free to contact me for any further queries. My mobile no. is 458-897-325647. You can also reach me at my personal email id [email protected]

Thanks a million.

Adams Woodward

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