Opt In Sales Email

Opt in Sales Email is an information letter written to a commercial executive on the various offers that the company has come up with.  Sample text messages with the advantages provided.

Dear Mr. Adams

Commercial Executive

ABN Amro Credit Cards Inc

Date 3/4/2013

This email is concerning a great plan that we at Large & Gigantic Finance Corp have come out with for your business concern. We have come up with a new scheme wherein you will be on a regular basis informed about the various kinds of lucrative offers that we have to offer.

We are pretty much sure you will be happy with this scheme since it needs to be updated every minute of the new developments that have been taking place. And we generally inform our precious customers with a newsletter which can be come to you as often as weekly.

It is our pleasure to have you in our mailing list. But there is a small request from our side to you. These mails will be treated like span or bulk email in your inbox unless you do the necessary changes and filter your receiving specification of the mails. We are glad to inform you that this is an Opt in Sales Email and you can help us if you give your approval to receive this mail.

We will be pleased to have an early response from your end.

Lion King

Senior Marketing Head

Large & Gigantic Finance Corp. have

Given Below are a few sales email samples for a clearer Ideas.

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