Free Sympathy Email

Free Sympathy Email is a sample message to a friend on the death of her friend. Condolence letter with heartfelt wishes to help her come out of the miserable situation.

To: [email protected]

Dear Hannah,

My heart is deeply saddened on hearing about the sad news of the death of your friend, Amelia. This news has come as a shock as last we heard of her, she was in perfect health. We came to know about this news from your mother and felt really sorry. It is a hard time for you but hope you come out of it soon and carry on with life, as life doesnt stop for anyone and needs to go on.

I and Michael wish to express our support and sympathy, from the bottom of our hearts. In case you need any help or support, remember we are always there for you and would do anything to see you happy. We know that you must be really missing your friend but   you need to maintain your composure and help her family come out of these sad times.

Yours lovingly

Martha and Michael

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