A New Service Announcement Email Template and Example

It is important to let your customers and prospects know about the new service that you have come up with in order to have them informed and in order to that formally, you must write a new service announcement email to them. This New Business Announcement Email Template must include a glimpse into the new service in order to give them an introduction about the same.

We bring to you a Free Announcement Email Template of the same. You can use this new business announcement email example as you launch a new service.

New Service Announcement Email Example

Dear Ms. Smith,

We are happy to announce about the launch the new premium service at Beauty Bliss. We are now ready to serve our customers with the best of the spa services along with the other beauty services which have always been an important highlight of our company. Our customers have been suggesting us to add the spa services to the list of our services and after working on the same for couple of months, we are now all set to pamper our customers with spa treatments that they are going to enjoy.

We promise to offer competitive prices without compromising with the quality. Give Beauty Bliss a chance to pamper you with its spa services. If you are interested in entering this world of relaxation with us then please get in touch with us at 9865329832 to book your appointment now.


Rita Grey


Beauty Bliss

New York

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