Employee Termination Announcement Email

Employee Termination Announcement Email is sent to the employees mentioning about the cause of termination. Sample message reminding about team effort.

To: Troyhotmail.com, [email protected]

Subject: Employee termination announcement

Dear employees,

It is with regret that I have to announce about the termination of our employee, Mr. Troy Williams from the post of Head of Sales department. He has been terminated from the employment owing to his negligence towards work and negative approach to handle the pressure. He has been terminated after giving three stated warnings to improve at his job. Most of his faults were lack of punctuality, lack of regularity, and less focus on the work.

Mr. Williams has worked for last 3 years for our company. He was repeatedly given chance to improve in his work, to be punctual and to work with dedication. The termination has been carried out with all the due procedures and with prior major discussions.

I just want all of you to know that the company respects sincerity, punctuality and dedication towards work and that any action violating the company’s beliefs and policies will not be tolerated and immediate actions would be taken for the same.

We all should start working as a team so that our individual goals are aligned with the organizational goals. We just hope that you all put in your best of efforts so that we can give you our best.

Thanking you



Manager, sales department


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