Event Announcement Email

Event Announcement Email is a sample letter announcing about a certain event and its cause. Sample message with an appeal to be present on the mentioned date.

To: Alex@gmail.com,[email protected]

Dear All,

The Board of Directors of our organization are pleased to announce the fundraising event that will be held by mid of April 2013 to offer help to the victims of earthquake that just stuck the Middle East.

Since the very beginning our organization is involved in the social responsibility and extends a helping hand to all the needy people out there. The fund collected during the event would be utilized to help the earthquake victims. The fundraising event would be organized by a team of 11 most trustworthy people who would encourage and sympathize the crowd.

Our event would not only concentrate on the earthquake victims but would try to help the deprived sector of the county for their betterment. Since you have always come forward to help those who are in need, we would be glad if you could participate and contribute in this fundraising event as well.

We look forward for your support.




Cathedral Association

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