Job Promotion Announcement Email

Job Promotion Announcement Email is sent to the employees mentioning about the cause of promotion. Sample letter with warm wishes for the future.

To: [email protected], [email protected]

Subject: Job Promotion announcement

Dear all,

We are pleased to inform that Jacky has been promoted as the Senior Manager in the Marketing department of our company. Mr. atson has worked for our company for more than 8 years now. All credit for the promotion goes to his hard work and his incredible performance throughout these years.

Mr. Atson has worked as staff manager, customer service manager and has always proved his potentials by gaining appreciation for the hard work done in the marketing department throughout his employment tenure. He has been always appreciated among the co-workers, higher team members and other senior managers. His time managing skills is the thing that has led him to this promotion.

We value all our employees working for us and we are proud to watch them meet such great challenges of life and reach towards an array of newer and higher responsibilities.

We have thought to celebrate the promotion of Mr. Atson by arranging a small get together and I wish you all could join us for the same and grace the occasion by congratulating him for his success and convey your good wishes for his new position.




HOD, Financial Department

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