Job Transfer Announcement Email

Job Transfer Announcement Email is sent to an employee to inform about his transfer and the reasons behind it. Sample letter mentioning about the required information upon departure.

To: [email protected]

Subject: Job Transfer announcement

Dear Mr. Williym,

This mail is in connection with the announcement of your job transfer. It is in reference to the recently modulated principles and policies of the company to maximize the profits. Your transfer is from your initial working place that is from London to the new location that is Buckingham.

You have to report as an Accounting manager of the accounting team at our company office there. The post would be effective from August, 20th 2012. Your timings for the office would remain the same. We want to let you know that your compensation and benefits would surely be increased in this regard and according to your performance.

You will be given some assistance from the trained staff members and manager for the initial stage at Buckingham.

We want to discuss some important matters with you for the transferred post and hence would like to meet you in my office today. I hope that you work with the best potentials and capabilities in this new challenge. I look forward to see you working at your new location.

All the best!



HR Head, ABC Limited.

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