Complaint Email to Hotel

Complaint Email to Hotel is a sample complaint letter mentioning the reason of complaint. Text Messages expressing grievances and appeal for compensation.

To: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Gray,

My purpose of writing you an email is to get you noticed about the serious matter and altogether asking for compensation of the same. I have been using your hotel service for these many years, I recently came across an unexpected problem which is usually rare happening at your well-regarded hotel.

Last week of July 2013 ; I have confirmed my stay at your hotel and my kids were looking forward to this trip to enjoy their vacation staying at your hotel. Your front desk staff Ms. Daisy took our all information and booked us in wrong manner allotting us just one single room where we were in need of two double rooms. Such a thing is very rare and unusual thing to happen. As we got to know about this happening at the very last moment, we had to adjust ourselves in one room . Just because of her carelessness it has ruined our holidays.

I never expected this kind of cordiality from your hotel. Now that I have expressed my grievances, I would appreciate if you could provide me with proper compensation. I am positively looking forward for your reply.



Ph: 718-550-6621

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