Complaint Email to HR

Sample complaint letter to the HR about racial abuse by fellow colleagues. Text Message to have a look at the matter and take in charge.

To: [email protected]

19th July 2013

Respected Sir,

Subject: Complaint about racial abuse by fellow colleagues against me, Damon

Sir, I, Damon would like to report a complaint against my fellow colleagues named Rachel Fredstone, Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew Black. All three work with me in the HR department of this company on floor number 2. I have been time and again abused about my colour and my native birthplace. As you might be aware that such an abuse falls in the ‘racial abuse’ category which is strictly prohibited and punishable under the law of this country. This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable and I strongly oppose their racist views and thoughts. I would like you to take necessary actions.

Miss Rachel called me with unforgivable works and Mr. Mark and Mr. Andrew make fun of me and my family on many occasions. I have also been thrusted with more duties than my job description states. On saying no, i have been blackmailed by saying that they will false complaint about me. Initially I used to ignore but now this issue has crossed all lines and hence I thought of bringing it to your notice. Please do whatever lies in your power and control. I really hope you take an action that sends a straight and clear message against racial abuse. I shall be obliged with your response.



Junior manager

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