Sample Complaint Email

Sample Complaint Email is a complaint letter written against a staff member. Formal letter mentioning the incident and appeal for strict action.

To: [email protected]

Subject: Complaint against your staff member “Henry Cooper”

Dear Mr.Jenny,

This mail is regarding the bad service that I received at your bank by one of your staff members when I had visited it on 27th March 2013. I want you to take this email into consideration for the same. I have a saving account in your branch with account number being 2390786.

I had to visit the branch to deposit some money in the account. A customer executive named Henry Cooper asked me to wait without providing me with a token. I waited for fifteen minutes and after that when I approached the same customer executive for help, he refused to do so on the pretext on being busy when in reality he was not even attending to any customer. I had to leave without being attended.

I would be grateful if you could take some action against the staff or else I might have to close my account in your branch.



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