Restaurant Complaint Email

Complaint Email to a restaurant against the poor quality of food. Sample formal letters to have a look at the matter and take in charge.

To: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Jones

I along with my friends visited your restaurant last week on the occasion of my friend’s birthday. This email is in reference to the food served there. The quality of the food served was not up to my expectations. Now I am having second thoughts as to whether I should visit this place again or not.

We were in high spirits when we visited your restaurant. The place was jam packed and the seating arrangement was done haphazardly. Even the staff was unable to cope up with the demands of the crowds. Since this restaurant is in our locality, such quality of food and welcome is not acceptable and disgraceful. The only good thing was the staff maintained their cool and calm when we were cursing them for bad food and services.

This email is written to you only out of concern to bring your attention to the quality of food and the services provided in the restaurant. Being a famous restaurant it has to match up to the standard of its name.

Thanking you,


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