Target Complaint Email

Target Complaint Email is a sample complaint letter sent against a mischief recorded in a store. Sample formal letters to have a look at the matter and take in charge at the earliest.

To: [email protected]

Subject:  Complaint regarding your staff member

Respected Mr. Harry,

This email is regarding the compliant for the purchase that I had made from your store located at 45 Glenn Moore Street, New York, New Jersey 3456.

On 25th of March 2012, I had gone to purchase a bottle of shampoo. On reaching the shampoo counter I saw one of the customer service executives pouring some shampoo into an empty bottle. She asked me to mind my own business, when I protested against it.  In case I had not seen this I may have bought that same bottle of shampoo.

I would request you to take some action against that staff and check whether other staff is doing something similar. If this is not stopped lots of customers would be cheated.



1 thought on “Target Complaint Email”

  1. I made a payment of $100.14 a phone payment, on January 7, and you indicated on my statement that it was rejected by my bank. I have checked with my bank and they have no record of a payment or a rejection.
    Meanwhile, I had additional interest charges on my account.
    I had paid the amount of $338.40.
    You owe me the amount of $100.14, which was not credited in the first place.

    Charlotte Orren (925)932-2587


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