Tenant Complaint Email

Tenant Complaint Email is a sample complaint letter sent against an already made legal agreement.  Sample formal letters with attached bills and to response soon.

To: [email protected]

Dear Brian,

As you know we have been on good terms in using your place since 1.5 year and since long I am trying to bring certain things to your notice. I have really felt difficulty in reaching you and talking to you as there was no response from your end even after my so many phone calls. So i thought i should email you.

According to our legal agreement, you were to furnish us with complete functional house. But the kitchen appliances and bedroom furniture are not up to the mark and some of them have aged with the time especially the furniture part. A few of the kitchen appliances are in not such a good condition and hence need be replacement urgently. It is quite risky cooking with those unbalanced appliances.

I have beared those repair and maintenance expenses myself and am attaching the bills of the same. Kindly adjust it in the rent or repay the cost money as soon as possible. Hoping this email request will be attended at the earliest.



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