Condolence Email For Death

Condolence Email for Death is a sympathy letter expressing condolence on the death of a friend.  Sample messages to make him feel better and encourage him to fight the tough situation.

To: [email protected]

Dear Greg

Subject: Expressing condolence on the death of you friend Mathew Jacobs

From deep down my heart, I write this email with great difficulty as I have no words to express how terrible I feel on hearing about the death of Mathew Jacobs. This news is really shocking and I had no idea that he was suffering from Cancer and was undergoing treatment. This must be a really tough time for you but I hope you take it well and understand that not all matter of life are in our hands. Mathew would want you to support his family in this phase and that would require you to be strong and patient.

Mathew, I remember has always been one of your closest friends and even his family had become like your own family since the last few years. This is a sad time for them as well and I hope you are doing your best to offer them your support and love. There are certain situations in life when one wants to be left alone but we need to understand that grief reduces by sharing it with others and so if you need any kind of support; I am there for you and would always be. Feel free to call me or text me whenever you feel like.

My sympathy is with your and I hope that Mathew’s soul rests in peace. Hope you get over this phase and carry on with life.

Sincere sympathy


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