Condolence Email To Brother

Condolence Email is a sympathy letter expressing condolence on the death of a brother’s friend. Sample Letter mentioning how good she was with a few photographs of the friend attached.

To: [email protected]

Dear Tomina,

I am shocked to hear the death news of your friend, Alice. I have no idea that she was ill for such a long time and suffering due to devastating disease. I would like to express my heartfelt condolence to you in this painful moment. I am herewith attaching few photographs of Alice clicked by me when I met her in the last summer. I hope this will give your heart some relief.

Alice was a great buddy and nice girl. She helped me a lot to get a new job. I always loved her as my sister. I can understand the situation at your end; you must be in tears as you have lost your best friend. I will come to meet you tomorrow.

This loss is irrecoverable, but we can remember her in our memories forever!

May God bless the departure soul and grant you harmony.

With the deepest sympathy,


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