Death Condolence Email

Death Condolence Email is written to express grievance on the death of her grandfather. Sympathy message mentioning his grant of leave and encouragement to fight the hard time. 

Dear Nora,

We are extremely touched to hear about the death of your grand father. We can only imagine what a shock it must be for you. Please accept our condolence but we are very sorry to hear about his untimely death. You and your family must be hurt and shattered on the tragic death of your grand father.

Although, we never got a chance to see him but we heard a lot about his warm and nice nature, from all of your conversations. Senior authority has extended your leave so that you can spend enough time with your family to shoulders the pending formalities regarding the death. We are sorry for your loss. May God give you and your family strength to be bold and strong at this time.

If you need any kind of help, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our sincere prayers are with you.

With deepest sympathy,

Mr. Charlie

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