Reply to Condolence Email

Reply to Condolence Email is a reply to the sympathy letter sent by a friend. Sample letter expressing gratitude for sticking on to him during hard times.

To: [email protected]

Dear Fred,

Subject: Expressing gratefulness on receiving your condolence email

I feel extremely grateful and thankful towards you for letting me know that you stand by me during these tough times my dear brother. I was really touched on receiving your email which expressed your condolence and sympathy. Sarah was the dearest friend I had, and on her passing away, I feel nothing but sadness and grief. I know life and death are not in our hands but one tends to question everything in such situations when a near and dear person passes away and leaves you.

Your email brought back memories of the time when you, me and Sarah used to meet on the summers for vacations and used to stick around with each other for long hours. You know how close she and I were ever since the early childhood. But the unfortunate accident took her away from us. Your email meant a lot to me as I found love and support from you and that has given me the strength to accept the truth and move on knowing that she is still with me and would always be in life. Sarah often used to talk about you and wishes the best for you in life.

Life is not all that bright and happy all the time but I do realise that one needs to pass over the sad phases and fight them with an aim to remain happy. Thanks for teaching me this.

Thanking you again


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