Follow up Email Template after a Trigger Event (Lead Activity)

Whenever there is a lead activity, it becomes important to write a follow up event after it. If you have to write one such email and you have no idea how to write it then we are here to help you with a format for Follow Up Email Template After a Trigger Event or lead activity which you can customize and use it as per your need.

Sample Follow up Email after a Trigger Event

Dear Mr. Sam Jacob,

The last time we chatted, you requested me to get in touch with you in the month of November. Though I am a month early but I felt it would be worth getting in touch.

If you are still interested in my proposal then I would be happy to meet you in person for a quick review of the same and answer any of the pending questions in your mind.

Please let me know the convenient date and time when we can meet and have a discussion over the same.

Will be waiting for your response.


Richard Black

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