Follow up Email after Sending a Quote Format, Example

If you have sent a quote to one of your clients or customers then you must also back it up with a follow up letter to know their intentions. Writing such an email always highlights your enthusiasm and your professionalism. This post includes Follow up Email Sample After Sending a Quote which you can use for writing your own letter.

Follow up Email Template after Sending a Quote

Dear Mr. Anthony Smith,


I, Olive Ben, am writing this email in the context of the quotes that were shared with you on December 15th, 2022.

I would like to share with you that our company is offering an additional 5% off on all our services as Zenith Technologies is celebrating five years anniversary of its inception. In case you are interested in opting for our services then please get in touch with us.

We would be happy to serve you. Looking forward for your response.


Ray Brown

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