Free Friendship Email

Free Friendship Email is a sample text message written to show gratitude for the love and support a friend gave. Nostalgic text messages on how he is missed every day.

To: [email protected]

Dear friend Ben

Subject: Our Relationship

Hello Ben, hope you are doing well. I am good too and life is pretty cool at my end. The only thing I wish for is for you to be by my side always like you were in our school days. This mail is a way to express how lucky and blessed I feel to have you as my friend. Life is so incomplete without your presence in it. Having a true friend is a gift for the blessed and it feels amazing to have a true friend in life. And you are that true friend for me in my life and would always be for days to come.

I have no words to express how I feel when I think about the bond that we have. We are together since a very long time now and I am so glad and thankful to god for giving me such a wonderful person as a friend. Remember how we used to hang out together all day long and had so much fun together. You have been my inspiration and have pushed me so hard to exploit all my potentials to reach my highest capabilities and excel in life. If it wasn’t for you dear friend wouldn’t have been what I am today. Your unconditional support and love for me has helped me to achieve success in life.

I wish we could get back together like our good old days. I miss you and your friendship and hope you miss it too.

Your friend


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