How to Write Interview Emails

Tips the HR executive should follow while writing effective job interview emails. Do not forget to mention your name along with designation.

To write an interview email, management employees need to follow interview protocols very carefully, however candidates writing interview mails do not come under total management but they should try to demonstrate their good writing skills to the interviewer. Interview email is a favourite tool of employer to invite applicants or selected candidates for applying for the vacant seats in organization.

While writing an Interview email, HR executive should watch following steps:

  • Address the candidate with initials like, MR/MS/Mrs instead of dear.
  • State the purpose of writing email and invite the candidate for interview by       mentioning  interview venue including date and time.
  • Put Company Profile extract in mail to give him/ her briefing about the organization.
  • Describe the job profile offered to the candidate.
  • Explain the documents that should be carried along with in case of selection.
  • Ask the candidate to revert on same mail if he/ she is interested.
  • Close email by mentioning the contact details of Corporation in the form of phone number and in matter of any query.
  • Mention your name along with designation and company Website in footer.

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