Friendship day email

Friendship day email is a sample text message written to wish a friend on the occasion of friendship day. Letter showing enthusiasm for their next meeting.

To: [email protected]

Hello dear,

How are you doing these days? No news from your end since long so was anxious about you. I hope everything is smooth and healthy. I am hoping to see you soon.

I know that you must have forgotten about the friendship day, since you have forgotten to wish me. Wishing you a happy friendship day. Thank you for being my friend. I wanted  you know that your friendship has made a great deal of difference to my life. I have wished that I too had some of your qualities and I have always been inspired by you. You are my special friend and will always remain so.

You have always been there for me in my good times as well as bad. As we have got  busy with our lives I remember those old times and how much fun it was. I hope to get along with you sometime and spend some time together.

Your friend


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