Goodbye Email for Office

Goodbye Email for Office is written by the employee thanking for the support and guidance he got while working in the organization. Formal farewell letter with mention to who will take over.

To:  [email protected]

Subject: Bidding Goodbye to the organization

Dear Mr. Travolta,

This letter is to inform you that I am resigning from my current post and planning to undertake a bigger assignment in another organization. It was a great opportunity to get associated with you and your team but it is high time now that I seek larger challenges in life. I therefore chose to bid each one of you good bye by way of this email

I would like to inform you that my last working day is going to be 18th May, 2012 and I am almost done with all my leaving formalities. My position has been taken over by Mr. Johnson. He is pretty confident about his job now and about the product and would be definitely able to handle my position well. I have shared my new contact details with him and he is free to call me any time in case he needs my help.

Goodbye once again!

Yours’ Sincerely


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