Goodbye Email Format

Goodbye Email Format to help you write farewell letter with the right salutations and format to be followed. Step wise writing to help you bring out the best sentiments.


Dear (Recipient’s name)

First Paragraph: I take this opportunity to bid farewell to all of you and wish to inform you that today is my last day at (state the name of your company) as I am leaving my position here. Working in this organisation has been a wonderful learning experience and I will miss you all a lot.

Second Paragraph: I would personally like to thank (state the names of the people who have helped you, or with whom you enjoyed working; you can also name some projects where you worked together) for their constant support and guidance and for making me what I am today.

Third Paragraph: I am looking forward to the new challenges in my career and wish all of you best of luck too. I hope we can be still in touch with each other (give your telephone number and email address).

With regards and best wishes,


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