Goodbye Email To Brother

Goodbye email to brother is written with great concern explaining the love she has for the brother.  Sample farewell letter mentioning the reason to have to leave the place.

To:  [email protected]

Dear Stev,

As I have got admission in Michigan University in Graduation stream, I wanted to say you goodbye. I have to report this weekend. To leave you & Mommy and go so far for my career is very difficult for me. Please excuse me for not informing you in advance regarding my departure.

I will come back for a month on vacation after my graduation starts to Canada to spend some quality time with you. I know that you have gone through many hardships so that I can complete my studies and I really appreciate your great contribution and support to raise me with a lot of facilities. Dear Brother, please forgive me one last time, if possible and I am truly sorry.

Please do take care of yourself. As soon as I get new contract details, I will pass it on to you.

Love you a lot brother!

Yours Sister,


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