PWC Goodbye Email

PWC Goodbye Email is written to thank for the support and encouragement during the working tenure. Effective sample letter boasting about the particular firm with contact details to keep in touch.

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Dear All,

Today on my farewell day, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and encouragement during my working tenure at PWC.  Working together as a team was nothing less than a dream experience. I have achieve this position today only because of your constant support and guidance.

PWC is an amazing company to work with but  as you all are aware that my mother does not keep well and I need to take of her thus I am moving to California. The company does not have any branch there where I could have been transferred. I have even tried calling my mother here but she does not wish to leave her hometown.

Once my mother becomes healthy, I will surely try to come back to PWC and work with my favorite team.  I do not know how to sum up my years of experience in few lines in this farewell letter as I am falling short of words. Today as I am leave this organization, I want to thank you all for being more of a friend then of colleagues.  I feel myself to be lucky for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

My new address in California is: 76/87, Square Street, Bay Lane and you can reach me at my personal cell number: 8988-7665-444 and mail id: [email protected].

Wishing you all good luck for your future and career,

Yours truly,


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