Interview Arrangement Email

Interview Arrangement Email is sent by the HR Manager before the hiring process. Sample letter to make the required arrangement ahead of time.

To: [email protected]

Subject: Assistance required for making interview arrangements

Dear Reamin,

As you must be aware that we are about to start our hiring process for different positions next week, I would like you to make arrangements for the same. Since you are in the HR department, you must be having all the knowledge regarding the vacant positions in the organization. I would also give you the list for which hiring is to be done.

This is not for the first time that we are getting engaged in such an activity. Your help in making required arrangements for the interview a few times have been of a great help to me. This time as well make sure arrangements are done in the similar manner. The schedule for different interview rounds and the other minute details. Please go through it carefully before making the arrangements.

You may feel free to contact me in case any assistance is required.

Thanking You

Yours’ Sincerely


Manager HR

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