Feedback Interview Email

Feedback Interview Email for the post of HR Executive is written after the commencement of the interview. Sample letter with information on how successful was the interview.


Subject: Feedback for the interview for the post of HR Executive

Dear Ben,

This email is in regard to the interview you had for the post of HR Executive which was scheduled on 10th of May. You have been judged by our interviewer on various parameters and we would like to let you know the interviewers feedback with you. According to the interviewer you have the required educational qualifications for this post. And your relevant work experience is an add on which would help you to handle this position efficiently.

We found out after the second round where in there was a written test that you have a good knowledge about MS Excel and Word. But we came to know that you have issues with the fundamentals of MS Access. We would like you to work upon your MS Access fundamentals and reappear for the written test once again on the 20th of May.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely



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