Interview Cancellation Email

Interview Cancellation Email is written when the interview date is postponed until future contact. Sample letter with contact details for future reference.

To: [email protected]

Subject: Cancellation of Interview scheduled on 10th Jun, 2013 for the post of Sales Manager in ABC Limited.

Dear Mr. Harry,

This is with reference to your interview in ABC Limited for the post of Sales Manager, which was scheduled on 10th Jun, 2013; we wish to inform you that the interview is cancelled till any further information.

We really apologize for any type of inconvenience caused to you due to this cancellation of the interview. As you are well aware that out city has been recently hit by a massive earthquake and since our office was in the most affected region the building has almost collapsed. After the earthquake the entire office staff is busy shifting the set up to another building and has thus cancelled all its commitments and other tasks which were scheduled for next 15 days.

We wish to also let you know that your resume seems to be a good match with the skills needed for the job post of Sales Manager, but due to these unforeseen circumstances we will not be able to conduct the interview on the scheduled date.

We assure you that as soon as the office set up is done in the new building and everything else comes into operation, we will set up new interview dates and will inform you about the same. In case if you have any other query please call on our new number -9393-2338-37373.

Once again, sorry for the inconvenience caused.



Senior HR Manager,

ABC Limited.


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