Interview Cover Email

Interview Cover Email is a cover letter mentioning the different qualifications the candidate has for a specific job profile. Professional letter showing how will be bring advantage to the firm.

Dear Mr. Nery,

With the best in class MBA/ Marketing and my six years of employment history I have attained a strong reputation in the field of Marketing because of my excellent organizing and leadership skills. Moreover, I have good command over all local languages.

My resume includes everything along with my expertise covers a wide area of my responsibilities towards associated organization. I am hardworking, ambitious organizer and a motivator to my subordinates. I am recognized for good team building, creativity in problem solving and have high degree of expertise in the field of marketing.

With my work experience, I have the zeal to become a top performer in your company and so I am attaching a candidature of outlining my qualifications. I would love to have an opportunity of work with you and willing to serve your organization with my key strengths.

I appreciate your consideration and I am looking forward to meet you.

Yours Sincerely,



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