Interview Email to Employer

Interview Email to Employer is a sample letter written in reference to the requirement of Sales Manager in a firm. Professional messages showing interest for the position and mentioning his experience.

Dear Mr. Tanim,

This email is in reference to your requirement of Manager- Sales in Nelson solutions Pvt. Ltd that was advertised online. I am a professional programmer with an experience of 5 years of working with renowned software companies.

I am seeking a suitable employment near my residence area to achieve my career goal. I am resigning from my current position next week.

Kindly please inform me the interview session scheduled for the above given vacant post. I can provide you my candidature with all details of my education and experience details.

In case, of any question, please feel free to contact me on my number 333 519 4599.

Waiting for your response.

Thanks & Regards,


32/1- A

Dairy Form Road


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