Network Email Format

Network Email Format is a sample description to help you write letters about New Opportunities. Email letters by Sr. Business Development Manager of a company.

Subject: New Opportunities for Home-Based Workers

Dear (Name)

First Paragraph: We hereby finalize you as (let the home-based worker know that you are hiring him/her for the particular position. Make him/her comfortable about his/her stand in your company and then proceed). I take pleasure (ensure your new member on board is happy at your treatment)

Second Paragraph: Please ensure that (make clarifications as to what is expected out of the person and do not brag about your company under any circumstance. You want a great relationship and bonding and your first letter creates that). As now you are aware of such an opportunity and would have a taste of it yourself please let your friends and family know about it too. (Make general persuasive sentences to make him think of names and people who can be brought on board).

Thanks & Regards

James Taylor

Sr. Business Development Manager


Email id: [email protected]


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